Film Loading Addenda

Special directions for loading in transporting the film.
We want you to derive continuous pleasure from your Pentacon Six and therefore ask you to pay special attention to the directions given below:


The paper leader must be inserted well in the middle of the spool. It must not get twisted on to one of the spool flanges (fig. 1).
If this does happen the film cannot be transported properly. The extra large film role thus formed might even cause the take-up spool to get jammed in the spool chamber and film transport mechanism to be overstrained on actuation of the cocking lever.

film addenda Picture


. The paper leader when being wound up, must fit tightly on the core of the take-up spool. This is achieved by slightly checking the movement of the full supply spool with the thumb of your lefthand (fig. 2).
Make sure that the single turns of the paper are not too loose on the take-up school (fig. 3),
otherwise overlapping as well as excessive spacing between frames may occur. The first exposure could even be made before the beginning of the film is in place.

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The short rocking movements of the rapid wind lever for transporting the film, as mentioned in this instruction booklet (page 2, point 4; page 3,point .9; at the bottom of page 4) have to be made only under the following conditions:

a) when inserting the film, while the camera back is still open, and

b) after releasing the shutter for the 12th exposure and subsequently disengaging the locking device for further advancement of the film. If for instance a roll film 120 is to be removed from the camera after that 10th exposure, the shutter has to be cocked in released in the usual manner up to the 12th exposure. If the locking device has been disengaged the film can be wound up to the end by rocking movements. After the 13`" exposure, the roll film 220 can also be advanced in this way by the pendulum movements.

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