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Praktisix and Pentacon Six Manuals

The buttons on the left will bring up on-line manuals.

The manuals below are available for download. The Manuals are in MSWord97 format in a zip file. The manuals have been re-formatted to fit a standard 8.5 X 11 page and in many cases have new pictures. However, with the exception of a few spelling or grammar corrections nothing has been changed from the original manuals.

To download a file simply click on the button.

{download Praktisix Manual} Praktisix Manual
{download Praktisix II Manual} Praktisix II Manual
{download Praktisix IIA Manual} Praktisix IIA Manual ***Not Available***
{download Pentacon Six Manual} Pentacon Six Manual
{download Pentacon Six TL Manual} Pentacon Six TL Manual
{download Close Up Apparatus Manual} Close Up Apparatus Manual
{download Film Loading Addenda Manual} Film Loading Addenda
{download Flash Addenda Manual} Flash Addenda
{download TTl Prism Manual} TTl Prism Manual

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