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M39/M42 Bellows

The m39 bellows was built by MMZ. It was also built in m42. The tripod screw is 3/8 only. You need to be very careful with this bellows as it is not marked as to which mount it is.The two M39s that I have have a white dot on the standard and the M42 has a red dot, but I would not count on this as identification. It offers extensions from 9.5 to 20 cm.

M39 Bellows Table

{M39 Bellows}

M39 Extension Tubes

The earliest set of m39 extension tubes consisted of 4 tubes and was built by KMZ.

Extension tube Table

{M39 Extension tubes} {M39 Extension tubes}

M42 Bellows

The m42 bellows offers extensions from 90mm to 290mm. This is a double extension belows. Both attachment rings are adjustable to allow proper orientation of the camera and the lens. The foot has 1/4 and 3/8 tripod sockets and is movable to serve as an adjustment slide.

M42 Bellows Table

{ M42 Bellows} {M42 Bellows}

M42 Bellows slide/filmstrip copier

This an attachment for the m42 bellows. It fits on the front of the bellows and allows copying of slides and negatives. A lens mounts between the bellows and this attachment.

{ M42 Bellows} {M42 Bellows}

M42 Extension Tubes

There are m42 extension tubes with and without aperature automation.

Extension tube Table

{M42 Extension Tubes} {M42 Extension Tubes} {M42 Extension Tubes}

Start Extension Tubes

The Start extension tubes actually consist of standard tubes with start adapters on both end

Extension tube Table

{Start Extension Tubes} {Start Extension Tubes}

Kiev 10 Extension Tube

The only extension tube known for the Kiev 10 lens mount is 15mm. "This ring allows focusing on objects closer than .5 Meters with the Helios-81 lens. Full size(1 to 1) reproduction of items 11X7cm at a distance of .27 meters from the film plane is possible."

{Kiev 10 Extension Tube}

Kiev 60 lens Adapter

This an adapter allows the use of the lenses for the Kiev 60 on a m42 or nikon mount camera.

{ Kiev 60 lens Adapter} { Kiev 60 lens Adapter}

Zenit 4 Waist level viewer

There is a waist level finder for the Zenit 4,5 and 6.

 Zenit 4 Waist level viewer

Start Waist level viewer

There is a waist level finder for the Start.

 Start Waist level viewer  Start Waist level viewer

Zenit prism magnifier

This small magnifier fits the prism on the Zenit E or newer.

 Zenit prism magnifier

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