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The Soviets made medium format cameras in four different factories. Interestingly enough each factory made a different type of camera..

KMZ made folding cameras, the Moscow 1 through 5, the Iscra 1 and 2 and the simple Junkor.

Kiev(Arsensal) made Hasselblad copies the Salyut, Salyut S, Kiev 60 and 66. They also made a giant SLR The Kiev 6S and 60 similar to the Praktisix/Pentacon six and with the same lens mount. They also made a very limited production run of Kiev 90 6X4.5 Slrs.

Valdai made 3 simple and cheap cameras The Skolnik, Estafeta and the Etude.

GOMZ/Lomo made Twin Lens Reflex cameras(TLRs) the Komsomol, Lubitel (1), 2, 166, 166B and 166 Universal.

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