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Extension Tubes

The extension tubes were included with the Kiev-6 series but sold separately in the B lens mount. The set of two were 19mm and 48mm for the Kiev 88 and 35mm and 40mm for the Kiev6/60 series.

Extension tube Manual

{Kiev 88  mm Extension tube} {Kiev 88 48mm Extension tube}

Lens Reversing Ring

This is the Kiev 60 lens reversing ring. It is 62mm to fit the vega lens.

{Kiev 60 lens reversing ring} {Kiev 60 lens reversing ring side}

Multiple Image Prisms

There was a set of 5 multiple image prisms made specifically for the 80 mm Volna lenses.

Prisms Manual

{Image prism} {Image prism} {Image prism}
{Image prism} {Image prism}


A handle similar to the Hasselblad handle was produced for the Kiev-88. The handle is intended to be used in the left hand and includes a trigger to release the shutter.

{Handle for Kiev 88}

Film Backs

Standard magazines were made in 6X6 and 6X4.5 and there were a few prototypes of a 35mm back made. The 6X4.5 backs are dificult to use as the finder has no frame markings. The 35mm backe are also difficult to use and have no provision for rewinding.

Kiev made a Polaroid film back in cooperation with Polaroid. Actually all Kiev did was make an adapter plate for a standard back made by Polaroid.
Polaroid Back Manual

{back for Kiev 88}
{Polaroid back for Kiev 88} {Polaroid back for Kiev 88}


Three prisms were produced. The meterless prism was actually made for the Salyut. There are those that claim it is brighter than the metered prism, but I can not tell any difference. There was also an experimental 90 degree prism made by LOMO in extremely low numbers. The metered prism allows viewing at a 45degree angel and though akward looking is surprisingly easy to use.

{Top of prism} {Side of prism}

Magnifying Finder

This finder is commonly called the stovepipe. It allows high magnification for accurate focusing.

{Magnifying finder for Kiev 88} {Magnifying finder for Kiev 88}

Groundglass Back

The groundglass back can be put on the camera replacing the normal film back to allow focusing at the film plane for extreme accuracy in focusing.

{ground glass back for Kiev 88} {ground glass back for Kiev 88}

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