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The Arsenal in Kiev was the only plant to make Medium format SLRS and lenses. They started with a near copy of the Hasselblad 1600 the Salyut. Over the years it was modified and became the Salyut C, Kiev 80 and finally the Kiev 88.

They made a Pentacon Six look alike the Kiev 6 with the Pentacon Six lens mount. Over the years it was modified and became the Kiev 6C and then the design was modified and it became the Kiev 60. They also tried to make an electronic 6X4.5 the Kiev 90.

Soviet MF lenses fall into 3 groups by lens mount.If they were made for the original Salyut they have no letter appended and if made for the Salyut S/Kiev 88 cameras they are marked "B". The Soviet MF lenses are marked as "b" for the Praktisix/Pentacon Six lens mount. So there could be 3 different versions of the same lens. So far the most variations that have been found is 2. If a lens exists in all three variations the most likely candidate is the Mir-3 which transitions with the Original semi-automatic lens mount to the automatic "b" mount and could also have also been produced in the "B" mount(none known).

There was a series of lenses for these cameras that were produced in both lens mounts. The ranged from a 30mm fisheye to a 300mm telephoto. There was also a 600mm Mirror Lens produced in pentacon Six mount only.

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